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iI am offering a range of complimentary massages to either add to your Reiki/Flower Essence session or let them be stand alone.  Be truly pampered with rich lush creams and float away in bliss....

Neck and Shoulder Massage
Head Massage - A complete Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage
Lie back and be pampered - I have beautiful healing hands that work wonders to release tension to the combined areas of your Head, Neck and Shoulders.  A great stress buster and relaxer that is carried out on a massage table for your comfort.
Allow 15 minutes for your session - No oil is used for this massage
Hand Massage
Hand Massage - Indulge yourself and experience this beautiful hand massage
Hand massages are one of the best treats you can give yourself - think of how much we do with our hands and how wonderful it feels to pamper them in this way!  Your massage is inclusively up to the elbows so ensure you are wearing a garment that can be rolled up.  You will be lying on a massage table for this treatment for your total relaxation.
Allow 15 minutes for your session - a beautiful natural cream is used for this treatment so you don't leave with an oily feel, just nicely moisturised and relaxed

​Foot Massage - What better way to complete your Massage package or Reiki treatment than with a nourishing foot massage
Talk about pamper - You start with your feet being washed in warm aromatic water while you sip your choice of natural teas. We can spend so much time on our feet or in some cases all day!  So why not really honour yourself with this amazing foot massage that includes the area up to your knees.  So soothing and relaxing.
Allow 20 minutes for your session - a beautiful natural cream is also used for this treatment so you only feel moisturised after, not slippery when getting back in to our footwear.

​All treatments are done without the need for clothes to be removed.  Feel comfortable at all times
At least two treatments need to be booked at the same time if not with a Reiki or Flower Essence session - when combined, individual treatments can be added.
I look forward to spending time with you nurturing you on all levels.

Image by Linus Nylund
Image by Vero Photoart
Image by Bekir Dönmez
Image by Zoltan Tasi
Image by Marvin Meyer
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