Choose from the lovely range of treatments available, soak up the calm and relaxing ambience and be pampered while returning your body to a great place of health.

Reiki Treatment
​60 min - $90

Your experience of a Reiki treatment is one of deep relaxation.  You remain fully clothed on a Massage Table in a warm room with soothing music playing.  Let your mind rest and float away....

Reiki Treatment
​30 min - $60

As for the 60 minute Reiki Treatment.  It may be less time but it is just as effective.  This treatment is perfect if we are working with physical or sporting injuries.


NZ Flower Essence - Unique blend
​45 min - $60

A private consultation with your practitioner to create your Unique Blend of NZ Native Essences, unique to a personal situation you wish to change or enhance in your life.  (Can be done by email)  Includes your take home bottle.  


NZ Flower Essence - Life Journey

Your Life Journey essence includes your life path, year path and birth date essences blended to balance and align you with your life's journey. 
(Great for a friend /family member/ birthday present)

All I need is a date of birth. 

Image by Celine Sayuri Tagami
Animal Treatments - Reiki and/or Flower Essence treatment 
Add $30 travelling fee to the above treatment/s of your choice
I am thrilled at the great response that animals have to both the Reiki and flower essences.  Book your pet in now!

Disclaimer:  Neither the flower essences or Reiki are to replace medical advice. No essences or Reiki are guaranteed to give you any experience stated and I don't in any way, claim to offer any products, treatment, service, or advice, that purports to cure, heal, alleviate, or prevent, any illness or medical condition, or do I make any warranty, expressed or implied.  All information is of a general nature only and must not be taken as specific or complete advice.