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First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand are sourced from the peaks of New Zealand's pristine mountains, it's forests and undergrowth.   A new and innovative way of enhancing your ease and enjoyment of living, through Nature.

Each essence has it's own unique healing ability.  


I choose the essences that relate to the situation you want to address and put these together for you to take home in a spray or dropper bottle.

New Zealand Native Essences

A selection of 128 Tree, Fern, Flower, Plant, Seed and Orchid Essences are available from which to make each blend.

I create a blend made Unique to a personal situation you wish to change or enhance, this can be on an emotional, mental, spiritual or physical level. 


Life Journey blends include your life path, year path and birth date essence, to balance and align you with your life's journey, these make great gifts. 


Each blend is created in a 25ml dropper bottle, taken under the tongue or put in water, 8 drops 3 times a day.  There is a fine brandy base for preserving, or organic apple cider if preferred.


​Essences can be posted anywhere in the world.  Please email me your request or situation and I will respond promptly.

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